Hi, I’m Dean Waye. I’m one of the best-known unknown writers around.

I’m a top ghostwriter for business webinars, presentations, speeches, videos, and emails.

I also lead the End-2-End Webinar Team — corporate clients outsource all the "hard bits" of creating and and running webinars to us.

For my entire career, behind the scenes, I’ve convinced audiences to take the next step — to enroll, to talk to a salesperson, to buy.

If a webinar or presentation resonated with you... if it kept springing to mind the next day, and the day after, it was probably influenced by one of mine. My clients pay me to do one thing — live in their audience’s heads, rent-free, for days. Until they convince themselves to buy.

My work is typically covered by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  That’s the life of a speechwriter. If you want a webinar or presentation that will blow the doors off the place, fill in that form and we'll talk about your project.

What I can show is my other work. 

I write and manage email lead generation campaigns, website copy, sales pages, and other social (and not-as-social) marketing content for speakers and entrepreneurs. They love my done-for-you approach.

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The Online Courses:

I’ve created online courses for entrepreneurs, sales enablement leaders, and leaders at technology-centric companies, including one in 2020 about getting and keeping audience attention in webinars and Zoom calls. Folks from a lot of famous companies grabbed it.

That course was promoted mainly through LinkedIn posts, paid and unpaid. It launched soon after enterprise salespeople around the country started feeling the pain of travel-less selling.

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Cold Email Campaign #1

This is from the “Story About a CTO” campaign I ran for ctowriter.com. It averaged a 52% open rate and 4% reply rate.

The avatar is a CTO at a firm with 11-200 employees (or a division of that size). It’s pitching ghostwriting services.


The replies were favorable. Here’s one from the CTO of CuriosityStream, a popular SVOD service with 25 million subscribers. They're a client now.

Image 2

And another from a system integrator (SI):


I received zero negative replies, and the unsubscribe rate remains steady at 4%.

Cold Email Campaign #2

Written for Dream Factory Agency in Orlando in April 2021. The avatar is described below the headline of the first email.


Nurturing emails to a list:

Not just cold emails, though. This recent example, from May of 2021, was sent to the mailing list created by that Zoom course described above, the one with the cool logos.

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A Bio With An Angle

I run a copywriting side project at PerfectlyDescribed.com, where I show people how a copywriter would create their LinkedIn About section for their profile page. There’s a free video from a webinar I did.

I don’t have a copy of the registration page saved, but here are the social media pieces.

23-Dec-20 How are you different from everyone else I'm looking at?
How are you different from everyone else I'm looking at?
How are you different from everyone else I'm looking at?-2

The script (not transcript, script) was offered for five bucks during the live webinar, and converted at 31.2%. Today, people who want me to write it for them can buy the service and book the appointment right on the page. Prices for that started at $99 and now sit at $249.

It takes an hour. I ask them 8 questions, then I write their new About section.

I write it from scratch. In real-time. As they watch.

The most common response, and the one I’m looking for? “That’s me! That’s exactly what I wanted to say!”.

To sell the service, I wrote the landing page’s copy, and the sales funnel using DropFunnels.

Included on that page are many examples of bios I wrote in December 2020. This is my view of the webpage.


For a while, as I wrote them, I posted the results to Seth Godin’s ForwardLink discussion board. I did his altMBA in 2020.

That’s what the “<FirstName> is done” line below refers to.

I stopped doing that, there are too many. Just like there are too many included below, and it’s a small fraction of the total.


— a film and book editor


— a corporate exec with a speciality


— a lighting designer


— a business coach

LinkedIn profile summary

— an urban planner


— a consultant for luxury home construction

LinkedIn profile summary

— a former jury consultant who now focuses on women entrepreneurs


— a marketing consultant

LinkedIn profile summary example

Landing page, website, and videos for CMOWebinar.com

This is a micro site with over an hour of tightly scripted videos in a 3-part series, for CMOs that create webinars. It also includes PDFs with the scripts and slides used in the videos.


If you want to see the videos, or grab the slides and scripts I used in them, go to cmowebinars.com/webinars

PNG image 6

Landing page, website, and videos for CTOWriter.com

This is the sales page for the CTO workshop included on the site.



My main website is ctowriter.com, but I’m also at WebinarGhostwriter.com and PerfectlyDescribed.com. 

Let's get a warm, productive conversation started between you and your next customers.

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