You need new clients.

But contacting strangers sucks.

Ready to try Dignified Prospecting?

Hi, I'm Dean.


Like you, I’m the main salesperson for my company. I’m also the “product”.


You can see the problem.

Confident project manager working on business strategy and financial analysis while sitting company office. Development agency employee developing marketing solutions and startup ideas.
Two young businesswoman discussing new creative concept for the new product marketing promotion.

When my business was new I had to find clients, fast.


I started off assertive. Sometimes even aggressive.


I had to psych myself up to prospect. Too often, I just procrastinated.


That had to stop.


Clients who experience a hard-charging sales mode can't flip a switch to see you as a high-value advisor, expert or specialist.

Deep down, you've always known this.


Dignified Prospecting is the solution I developed, by trial and error, over 2 years.


In the world of copywriting & sales writing, my specialization is the science of audience attention. I help my clients get it, and keep it.


Now, by combining that with some software automation, new prospects ask for time on my calendar almost every day.


No cold calling. No network events. And no fake enthusiasm.


Today, besides my copywriting business, I recreate my Dignified Prospecting system for other entrepreneurs. A done-for-you service, unique to you, in 15 days. 


Look, if all of your clients come via referral, I'm happy for you — well done.


But, if you have to grow your business, client by client, like I did… or if you want a mechanism that you can scale up or down to attract new clients as needed, like a real business does, this is for you.

About/ Dignified Prospecting

Impress, Persuade, and Generate Excitement

This system works. To design it, I combined my 20 years as a certified project manager (PMP®), with enterprise sales experience, and sales writing for clients on six continents.

It’s steady, professional, and based on continuous automated outreach. Giving, all the way. And putting ourselves in the prospect’s “context”.

Most important, it accepts the hard truths of Marketing & Sales. But adapts them to an expertise/specialist sale.

How Dignified Prospecting Works


A workshop to determine your positioning message.

A new homepage, LinkedIn profile, and short book or video that shows off your expertise.

(My team handles everything.)


Software that contacts likely clients on your behalf, and offers gifts — your short book or video, and later an invitation to a live workshop where you show them how to solve the problem you solve.

(My team handles everything.)


Your live workshop, and later the recordings of it, are on LinkedIn, YouTube, even Facebook. They show the problem you solve, how you do it, and why people like having you do it for them.

What about the tech needed? What about figuring out what to say and how to say it? What about the follow-up activities? No surprise here...

(My team handles everything.)

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