Copy written in the USA (and used on 6 continents)

Let’s tell your prospects their own story — with you in it.

Let's make other fCMOs question their choice
Let's make your competitors question their career choice

Someone just clicked what I wrote.

(My clients have 30 million subscribers, so that someone might be you.)

Get headlines, emails, and other copywriting that beats the controls. 

How to build copy that hooks and lands.


1. That Second Right Answer

I'll show it to you. It's counter-inutitive. An idea-pair no one considered. But so powerful and obvious (once you see it).


2. Tone

With a second right answer in hand, we can use the perfect tone — assertive. Not aggressive, but we’re not selling from our heels, either.


3. (anti-)Resistance

Inertia, apathy, distrust or reactance are always with us. Let’s thread ALL the needles with a single piece of copy.


4. Level up or down

Inform, inspire, or transform? My copy slips past the gates, crowds, and pretenders. And sticks.


5. Go ahead, it’s safe now

We've established trust and desire. Now, someone’s going to introduce you to their boss. Or their credit card.

Copywriting clients on six continents

Stupid Antarctica…

The easy way to get a big impact for your client, fast.

To CMOs everywhere,
I’m the secret ingredient.

I’m not their only copywriter. But it’s my copy they show to the Board.

Ever topped up a prepaid service?
It's that easy.

Buy 20 or 40 project hours. Get amazing copy. Refill as needed.

like a pro.

I'm a 20-year certified project manager (PMP®), former sales engineer, enterprise sales account manager, and Fortune 500 marketer.

Go ahead. Rely on the dates and estimates I give you. It's safe.

Get stand-apart copy. Now.

Yes. Unless you want to credit me (some people do, I'm slightly famous in certain markets).

Let's talk.

Let's see.

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