Hi, I'm Dean.

I write the first thing you say to a prospect.

Here's who hires me...

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Impress, Persuade, and Generate Excitement

Sell to people reading, listening, watching, sitting in a sales meeting, or walking past booth #3113.

Your next copywriter should understand how.

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talk about them you .001

Impress. Generate Excitement. Persuade.

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Some trivia, and a portfolio...

"Jay, a story about a CTO ". The cold email campaign that got me some of my first big name clients, including CuriosityStream.com.

"I think you know my client." This subject line, aimed at CMOs, had a 91% open rate. For a cold email campaign, that's basically impossible. And probably unrepeatable. But I have a nice screenshot of the dashboard, to remind me of it.

"We're giving cloud developers a new edge". This triple-entendre headline, for an edge computing firm, is still chugging along, beating all challengers.

Psssst... for years, I've been the go-to hitter for other copywriters when it's crucial they wow someone. Use the Calendly button above to discuss. Only copywriters outside North America, please. 

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