Fractional CMOs:

After meeting you, the CEO will ghost everyone else.

Welcome to the top of the
CMO selection list.

Let's make other fCMOs question their choice
Let's make other fCMOs question their career choice

Another fractional CMO just landed a client...

 Market & sell your own services so impressively, clients see their future in you.

Your New Success Story (In 3 Acts)

Sign Clients Faster

Get a story & pitch to win every room

  • Positioning/Niche/Angle Discovery
  • New LinkedIn Summary
  • New Homepage
  • New Pitch Deck

Wow Them Sooner

Your ideas, persuasively written

  • Their New Marketing Story, Expertly Told
  • Emails, Websites, Events
  • Content editing
  • Powerful Headlines & Taglines

Make Sales Love You

Concrete language for Sales

  • Use-It-Today Selling Language
  • Product Positioning, Written For Real People
  • Slides, Stories & Entire Sales Narratives
  • Presentation/Meeting Rehearsal

Copywriting clients on six continents

Stupid Antarctica…

You've never had it this easy.

To CMOs everywhere,
I’m the secret ingredient.

I’m not their only copywriter. But it’s my copy they show to the Board.

Ever topped up a prepaid service?
It's that easy.

Buy 20 or 40 project hours. Get amazing copy. Refill as needed.

like a pro.

I'm a 20-year certified project manager (PMP®), former sales engineer, enterprise sales account manager, and Fortune 500 marketer.

Go ahead. Rely on the dates and estimates I give you. It's safe.

Let's stand apart and win.

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